The Surge 2: New Gameplay Video on the Improvements of the Combat System


After letting us taste the steel, blood, and silicon of The Surge 2 in the E3 2019 trailer, Deck13 Interactive’s German authors take us back to Jericho City to have us fight the legions of crazy cyborgs of their ambitious souls like action with an eight-minute video demonstration.

The new gameplay trailer from Focus Home Interactive is enhanced by the comment of the head developer Adam Hetenyi and allows us to discover the numerous interventions made by the Teutonic authors to evolve the dynamics of the game, the combat system and the progression of the original chapter.

In the eight minutes of game scenes played by Deck13, we can thus observe some of the new, enormous settings that will be the backdrop for our adventures: each district of Jericho City will be differentiated from the others both for the graphics aspect and for the very structure of the level. As for the work done on the combat system, the German developers hope to meet the tastes and needs of their audience by making the clashes with the white weapon more frantic and giving further weight to the dismemberments, an aspect that will prove to be fundamental to have the best on bosses and more grim enemies.

The introduction of new moves, directional parade, asynchronous multiplayer, new grafts, unpublished sets of armature and lots of additional elements for character customization should do the rest, or at least that’s what the Deck13 guys hope for Interactive and all those eagerly awaiting the release of The Surge 2 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 23rd.