Watch Dogs Legion Is Set After Scotland Left the UK

Watch Dogs Legion Is Set After Scotland Left the UK

Watch Dogs Legion is set in London, but the British capital is part of a larger state, the United Kingdom, in fact. But what happened to the UK in the futuristic dystopian world imagined by Ubisoft? Well, surely Scotland came out of it, given that the game is set after her departure from the United Kingdom.

Ubisoft spoke about it in the preview published by The Guardian, in which a rather pessimistic vision of the modern world emerges from the software house. The creative director Clint Hocking had actually declared that the game was in progress even before a referendum on Brexit was discussed , and it is, therefore, possible that the eventual scenario of independent Scotland, a hypothesis for which one voted just as Watch Dogs Legion its development began, may have somehow influenced the whole, until the plot was expanded with the results of Brexit.

It will also be important, in a world where most games are set in the United States, as Ubisoft will treat the use of weapons, which are decidedly less common in the UK and have no place in the culture of the country they occupy in the USA. Indeed, it seems that Ubisoft itself wants the player to use them as a last resort, so much so that almost half of the weapons in the game are non-lethal, so in theory, it is possible not to use them at all, or in any case, not to kill anyone at all. inside the game to complete it.

What do you think of the Ubisoft vision?