Will Games Cost Less on Google Stadia? Phil Harrison Seems to Exclude It

Launch and Price of Google Stadia: NPD Analysts Have Doubts

On the days prior to the opening of E3 2019, Google offered new details on Google Stadia, the new project of the Company dedicated to the gaming world.

Among the details that emerged at the Stadia Connect, we find the costs of the Stadia service, which can be accessed through different packages. Among these, the most complete Founder Edition at 129 euros, which also includes the Stadia controller and a Google Chromecast. Also, present the possibilities related to the subscription of subscriptions. These include a Pro version and a Base version: despite different features, both will offer the possibility of buying games individually. At the conference, however, no specific details were provided regarding the possible sale price of individual securities.

On this specific front, some new features are emerging. In a meeting reserved for the British specialist press, in fact, Phil Harrison was available to answer some questions relating to Stadia. On this occasion, the editors of Eurogamer.net asked the latter whether on the Google platform the games will have a lower price than that of other platforms. The answer was negative: ” I don’t know why it should be cheaper. […] The value you get from playing on Stadia means you can play it on any screen […]. I think that will be valuable for players”. In addition, Harrison added, “In theory, the Stadia version of a game will be at the highest possible level of innovation and refinement on the game engine front. ” However, Harrison has not yet offered a specific amount for Stadia games, underlining how publishers and developers also have a say. The team of Google Stadia, he concluded, will, however, be “very aware of the prices in force on the market”.