Astral Chain Is Not the First Part of a Trilogy, Platinum Games Clarifies the Situation

Investigations, Fights and Legion in the New Astral Chain Gameplay Video!

In the past few hours the director of Astral Chain was interviewed by IGN Netherlands and on this occasion Takahisa Taura stated that the new Platinum Games game was designed as the first part of a trilogy. In reality, however, things are not exactly like that.

Taura published a message on Twitter denying what he reported: ” the article erroneously reported that Astral Chain was developed as the first episode of a trilogy. In fact, I only said that during development, so many ideas found space in my mind, to point to hypothesize to be able to give life to one or more sequel. “

An error apparently due to a bad interpretation of the answer given in Japanese and then translated into Dutch and later in English for international newspapers. At the moment, therefore, the only certainty is that Astral Chain will be released next August 30 on Nintendo Switch, it is not excluded that the game can actually give life to a trilogy, at present but there are no precise plans about it, if not an as simple idea by the director Takahisa Taura.