Deliver Us the Moon: PS4 and Xbox One Version of the Sci-Fi Adventure Unveiled on Video

Deliver Us the Moon: PS4 an

Thanks to the excellent results achieved with the PC version of their sci-fi adventure full of survival elements, the authors of KeokeN Interactive confirm the transposition on Deliver Us the Moon console for PS4 and Xbox One.

Set in the near future, Deliver Us the Moon places on the users’ shoulders the heavy burden of an astronaut’s responsibility to solve the global energy crisis by building the foundations of a permanent colony on the surface of the Moon.

The task entrusted to our intrepid alter-ego, consequently, will not be the simplest and will include various activities to be carried out both in environments with microgravity and in zero gravity, shuttling between the lunar base and the support stations orbiting around the Earth and our natural satellite.

To keep us company ASE will take care of us, a small sentient robot that will offer us advice on what to do and will help us solve environmental enigmas and problems encountered by our character. The versions for PS4 and Xbox One of Deliver Us the Moon will be marketed at the end of 2019 both in digital and retail versions: the transposition of the project on consoles will be enhanced by the expansion Fortuna and by Tombaugh , an additional content that will expand the history of the main campaign and which will also be available on PC starting from September as free DLC.