DMCA Royale: The Game Born from the Ashes of Mario Royale Closes to Avoid Legal Problems

Mario Royale Has Been Closed by Nintendo, but the Project Is Back to Life!

In mid-June, we talked about Mario Royale, a free game developed by modder and YouTuber InfernoPlus that turned Super Mario Bros into a Battle Royale. The project was closed shortly after due to copyright issues and turned into DMCA Royale … again, closed again.

The DMCA Royale site is still online but the game is not accessible, replaced by a message announcing the closure due to copyright infringement, as communicated by Nintendo lawyers to the author.

” Unfortunately, Uncle Nintendo’s lawyers have informed me that, despite my best efforts, the game is still infringing on their copyright. They refused to give me specifics but I would seem that either or the level design or general mechanics are still too close to the original game Do not know what to do with the legal action Do you know how to do business with legal action? my youtube channel in the coming weeks. I’m sorry about this guys. It was fun while it lasted. ”

Despite the changes made (such as the removal of the original characters and assets of SMB) the game still continued to violate Nintendo’s unspecified copyright, hence the decision to definitively close the project, in order to avoid lawsuits that would have dragged the author in court for a non-profit fan made a game.

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