F1 2019 Available Today: Here Is the Final Trailer


On the notes of “Light up the sky” by Prodigy, the F1 2019 final trailer is on its way (say it), coming today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The title of Codemasters arrives on our consoles and PCs in advance of two months compared to the releases of recent years, bringing many new features.

The richest is certainly the career mode, which today also features the official Formula 2 championship, which will initially be present as an introductory scenario, while later it will be added as a free playable DLC.

There is also, unlike the other years, the possibility for other drivers to change stables: we will, therefore, be able to witness a possible return of Sebastian Vettel in Red Bull, or the landing of Lewis Hamilton on the Rossa di Maranello, an unlikely option in real life, but dreaming costs nothing, right?

Obviously, our pilot will also have the possibility to change stables, and depending on the results we will receive offers from the top teams or from the so-called minor teams. Finally, there were 18 vintage cars that made Formula One history, such as those driven by real motoring legends like Alain Prost and the unforgettable Ayrton Senna.

In short, the game promises to be really exciting, in spite of what this year is perhaps the most obvious championship in the history of F1.