Gylt: Could the Google Stadia Exclusivity Be Only Temporary?


Contacted by the editors of on the motivations that led them to make Gylt an exclusive Google Stadia, the leaders of Tequila Works have surprised their interlocutors suggesting they are not entirely sure of the fact that their next adventure will be released only on Stadia.

According to Raúl Rubio Munárriz, co-founder and creative director of the Madrid-based studio that shaped Rime’s colorful dimension, “we have not yet confirmed that Gylt is an exclusive, but this is a question we cannot yet answer”. Urged to clarify this important point of the agreement signed with Google to bring Gylt on their new platform in-game streaming, Munárriz simply repeated that “we have not yet answered this question and we cannot yet answer it”.

“What is certain is that we will try to make Gylt accessible to everyone”, added the co-founder of Tequila Works before concluding his cryptic intervention stating that “I imagine that it is not a design question, yours is more than another a commercial question. Today is not the time to answer this question, but rest assured, everyone will be able to play Gylt”.

The launch of Gylt is scheduled for November.