Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Guide to Fortresses and Magical Challenges


The Fortresses and Magic Challenges are among the most challenging tasks of Harry Potter United Wizards. In this mini-guide we explain to you what they consist of and how they work, giving you some useful tips to better address them.

Below we explain what the Fortresses and Magic Challenges of the Harry Potter Wizards Unite are and how they work, helping you to face them better.

Fortresses: what they are and where to find them

The Harry Potter Wizards United Fortresses are somewhat the equivalent of the Pokemon GO Gyms. They look like giant towers with red roofs (you can see them in the image below), and they are scattered throughout the explorable map of the game. Entering a Fortress, you will be able to face the Magic Challenges, with the possibility of obtaining different bonuses upon their completion.

How to participate in Magic Challenges

The Fortresses are composed of 20 floors, equivalent to as many levels of increasing difficulty. To take part in the Magic Challenges you will need to be in possession of the Rune Stones: the more powerful they are, the greater the difficulty level of the challenges, and with them, the bonuses obtained upon their completion.

To access the next floor of the Fortress, of course, you must first complete the previous one. Be careful though: each plan requires a minimum player level to participate in the related challenges. 

Fill up on Magic Energy and Rune Stones

As we said in the previous paragraph, owning Rune Stones is a fundamental requirement for facing Magic Challenges. What do you need to do to get these special items? Simple: to get the rune stones you will have to recover the Lost after defeating a Soqquadro. In fact, every time you return a lost one, your grade will increase in that particular area of ​​competence. When the level has risen enough, a chest will open that will reward you with a run stone.

Before entering a Fortress, make sure you get your fill of Magic Energy. If you run out of energy units during a fight you will find yourself losing the whole challenge, so pay special attention to this parameter.

Team play and professions

Even if Fortresses and Magical Challenges can be faced alone, the advice is to face them in the company of a good party. Playing together is not only more fun, but also more effective. In particular, we suggest that you form a complete and varied group, in which all three professions are present.

As we have explained to you in our Harry Potter Wizards Unite professions guide, the Professions are nothing more than the specialization classes of the game. Each is characterized by strengths and weaknesses: the Auror is perfect to inflict a lot of damage in a few seconds, the profession of the Magizoologist is an excellent cure, while the Professor is able to weaken the enemies and empower the teammates.

Given that each profession is able to fill the gaps of the other, a team in which all three classes are present will be able to better face every situation, adopting the most effective strategies. Which is why we strongly advise you to face Fortresses and Magic Challenges in good company.