Ni No Kuni 3 Is Currently in Development, Confirm the Authors of Level-5

Ni No Kuni Remastered Shows Itself for the First Time in the E3 Gameplay

The launch of Ni No Kuni’s animated film by OLM Inc. offers Level-5’s top-level the opportunity to announce the start of the development of Ni No Kuni 3, the new act of their iconic JRPG action series made starting from the solid artistic foundations offered by the collaboration with Studio Ghibli.

In an interview given to Nikkei journalists (with statements translated and reported by DualShockers), Level-5 president and CEO Akihiro Hino explained that the next video game of the Ni No Kuni series is already under development and will be launched after the international release of the film by OLM Inc. and Warner Bros. Japan.

With regard to the narrative plot, the gameplay novelties, the platforms on which it will see the light (to be released on PC and PS4 or will arrive exclusively on PS5?) To the content innovations that await us, the boss of Level-5 has preferred not to unbutton himself and postpone any further details to the official announcement of Ni No Kuni 3, also with a date yet to be determined . On the other hand, Hino revealed that he wanted to extend this franchise to embrace new platforms, starting with the launch of a Ni No Kuni mobile video game for iOS and Android systems.

What do you think of the Level-5 president’s statements? Do you think it appropriate to extend the franchise or do you think that this JRP epic should end to allow, perhaps, the creation of spin-offs or completely new intellectual properties with the same graphics style?