Nintendo Comments on the Rumors on Switch Mini: “We Always Develop New Hardware”

Nintendo Switch Mini

The rumors on Nintendo Switch Mini have been chasing each other for many weeks, but in recent days they have become even more insistent. Apparently, the big N would have ordered an unusual amount of chips, an action that could be justified by the production of brand new hardware.

A Chinese company even listed accessories for Switch Mini. At the moment there is nothing official about it, but during the 79th annual meeting with investors, held this morning in Kyoto, Nintendo issued an official statement on the matter specifying that it is well aware of the rumors that are circulating. “We recognize that there have been reports in this regard. Responding to rumors and speculation would ruin our customers’ surprise, as well as becoming unprofitable for our investors, so we prefer not to. Generally, we continually develop new hardware”.

As easily imaginable, no confirmation has come from Kyoto about the real existence of Nintendo Switch Mini. Such announcements are made, quite rightly, in other circumstances. At the same time, not even a sharp denial has come: far from it, Nintendo has made it known that it is constantly working on the creation of new devices. In short, something is really boiling in the pot … it remains alone to understand what! Meanwhile, the Digital Foundry editors have tried to hypothesize the specifications of Nintendo Switch Mini.