Novigrad, Gwent’s Second Expansion: The Witcher Card Game, Is Available!


CD Projekt RED, the studio responsible for the series The Witcher, is pleased to announce that Novigrad, the second expansion of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, is available starting today.

Novigrad introduces new archetypes, combos and game styles for use in battle. The new faction, the Syndicate, brings with it over 90 new cards including 15 multi-faction, 5 new commanders, unpublished skills and gameplay mechanics. All players who log in by 11:59 am (GMT +2) on July 17th will receive a free Novigrad barrel, containing 5 cards from the new expansion.

For the occasion, the special Arena event was launched, which for a limited period of time will allow players to draw Syndicate cards. In addition, a special bundle is also available in the game store, called the Slope Pack. Finally, we point out that the Novigrad expansion is available for download as a free update.