Super Mario Maker 2: How to Change Characters and Play with Luigi, Toad Blu or Toadette

Super Mario Maker 2

In addition to playing the role of the inevitable Mario, in Super Mario Maker 2 you can change characters to play with Luigi, Blue Toad or Toadette. In this mini-guide, we explain how to do it.

Thanks to the addition of multiplayer (which can be cooperative or competitive), in Super Mario Maker 2 the possibility to change the playable character has been introduced. Just like in New Super Mario Bros, Luigi, Toad Blue, and Toadette are available as playable characters inside the title, even in single player mode. Below we explain how to select them.

How to change character in Super Mario Maker 2 to play with Luigi, Toad Blue or Toadette

To change the playable character in Super Mario Maker 2 you will need to enter the settings menu. As you can see in the image below, on the screen you’ll find an entry for selecting the character, with the four available characters represented by their respective icons (Mario, Luigi, Toad Blue, and Toadette).

Although they are not playable in 2D Mario games, the Toad Blue and Toadette sprites are available in all the themes of the various settings in the creative mode. Due to the nature of the creative mode and how the game works, we report all four characters presenting the same skill set.