The New Video of Luigi’s Mansion 3 Tells the Story of the Game

Luigi's Mansion 3 Torre Del Caos Multiplayer Mode Is Shown on Video!

After announcing it some time ago, Nintendo showed some juicy news at Luigi E3 2019 regarding Luigi’s Mansion 3, a new incarnation of the famous saga that sees Luigi in the guise of an unlikely ghost-catcher.

In fact, in the new chapter of the game, our anti-hero is inside a hotel, where he would have to spend the holidays together with Mario, Toad, and Peach, when something goes wrong and he will have to use the Poltergust trust once again, in a new, updated version, to restore normality.

Nintendo has recently shown a new video that illustrates the premise and the history of the game and introduces again the character of Gooigi (translated into Italian as Gommiluigi ), which will help Luigi in the story, and which can be used by another player to complete the co-op adventure for the first time.

The date of release of Luigi’s Mansion 3 is still unknown, given that Nintendo has declared that it wants to wait to announce it, until the game is completely ready, so it is likely that it will be revealed shortly before the release, which should anyway be scheduled for the end of 2019.