Borderlands 3: Gearbox DLC Discute, Free Update and Endgame Gameplay

Amara the Mermaid Fights in the New Video Game of Borderlands 3 from E3

After praising the controversial Battleborn project, the artistic director of Gearbox Software, Scott Kester, jumped at the opportunity provided by Metro to discuss Borderlands 3 post-launch support plans including DLC, free updates and gameplay enhancements linked to the endgame.

In confirmation of the statements of Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford, Kester explains that “we have already planned the support of Borderlands 3 after the launch, but in a similar way as we did before, so I don’t know if this approach will make it fall into the category of games as a service “.

Going into the matter to unravel what additional content will be integrated into the Borderlands 3 shooter universe through free updates and game end ecosystem changes, the Art Director of the US software house reveals that “we believe in one thing called ‘Mayhem mode’ which drastically changes some things in the game … how much do you want to have fun after finishing the story two or three times? We also intend to add new levels to the progression of the characters … once the game is over, c “It’s a whole system of skill that unlocks. Our endgame is really deep and we want people to keep playing.”

And what about Borderlands 3 DLCs? In this regard, Kester prefers not to overreach, limiting himself to stating that “in the past, we have achieved really substantial DLCs and we want to continue doing so this time”. The launch of Borderlands 3 is scheduled for September 13 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.