Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter: Expected Consistent Improvements for Battle Royale

Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter: Bethesda Announces That the Mode Will Remain Active!

Fallout 76 players are greatly appreciating Nuclear Winter’s battle royale mode, launched during E3 2019. A few days ago Bethesda released the 10.5 patches which introduced a series of refinements to the gaming experience. In any case, the works are by no means finished.

With a long post appearing on the official blog, the Maryland company has outlined its strategy for the near future, which points to the continued improvement of Nuclear Winter. To begin with, there are some changes to the balance of weapons and Talent cards, including figure Frog paws. An intervention will also be carried out on the premiums for the advancement of rank from the superintendent. The players, apparently, are receiving duplicate Talent cards. Many efforts will be reserved for increasing stability. Something has already been done with the previous patch, but the team aims to eliminate crashes altogether, enhance server performance and reduce the likelihood of interruptions during game sessions.

Bethesda did not provide time references, merely saying that these steps will be introduced with the next updates. The first of these, Patch 11, is scheduled for the first days of July and will also affect the other components of the production: it will include improvements to atomic armor, new features and numerous bug fixes reported by the Fallout 76 community.