Fortnite Battle Royale: Back the Stroke Skin in the Store’s Update

Fortnite Battle Royale : Back the Stroke Skin

Waiting to learn about the new Fortnite 14 Days of Summer MAT that will take the place of Arsenale, the authors of Epic Games invite all the explorers of the island of Fortnite Battaglia Reale to take a look at the splendid Combo skin kit, the last item of digital clothing proposed in the Shop.

The new round of offers with which Epic will try to drain our heritage in Vbuck includes the epic Doggo costume, the rare Bigfoot and Heist skins, the rare Ammunition Expert costume and the emote trio represented by Daydream, Electro Swing and T-Pose. But let’s go with order and discover all the offers offered to us today by Epic Games in the Fortnite Shop:

Featured Items

Doggo – epic costume – 1,500 VB
Camp Cruiser – rare hang glider – 800 VB
Bigfoot – rare costume – 1,200 VB
Heist – rare costume – 1,200 VB
Chew Toy – uncommon pick – 500 VB
Ruff – uncommon cover – 300 VB

Daily Items

Daydream – epic emote – 800 VB
Electro Swing – rare emote – 500 VB
Munitions Expert – rare costume – 1,200 VB
T-Pose – uncommon emote – 200 VB
Whiplash – uncommon costume – 800 VB
Ice Breaker – uncommon pick – 500 VB

Finally, we would like to remind those present that the Out of Stock weapon currently available in the Arsenale MAT, ie the famous Heavy Pump Shotgun, will be replaced by a new item of equipment that will start with the time mode scheduled for this afternoon in the rotation of events of 14 Days of Summer, as confirmed by the dataminer leak on weapons.