Fortnite, The Fortbyte 67 and 97 Victim of a Bug: This Is How to Avoid It


Among the innovations that Fortnite Season 9 brought with it, we certainly find the proposal for users to dedicate themselves to hunting for Fotbyte, special chips that, once joined, should give life to a special image.

The components of this sort of cybernetic puzzle are in the specific hundred and their appearance in the game progressively proceeds. As reported by the Dot Esports portal, however, it seems that some users are experiencing some difficulties in recovering the Fortbyte 67 and the Fortbyte 97. It seems in fact that a bug prevents in certain circumstances the appearance of the two chips, which cannot, therefore, be recovered by the active gamers on Fortnite, for which they are not viewable on screen.

However, some solutions are available. In particular, it seems that perseverance can help: by continuing to join you, you may finally be able to see the two Fortbytes. Two more practical solutions can instead be to restart the game or to switch temporarily to the Save the World mode and then return to the Battle Royale mode.