Nintendo and Censorship in Video Games: President Furukawa Expresses Itself on Theme

Nintendo E3 2019: A Direct Announced for June 11th

Recently, the Kyoto General’s 79th General Meeting of Shareholder was held. However, during the meeting, President Shuntaro Furukawa answered questions related to numerous and varied topics.

Among the latter, the age-old question of censorship in video games has also appeared, a complex subject and often the subject of various controversies. Urged on this issue, Furukawa expressed his opinion on the matter, declaring the following: “Nintendo, as well as third parties and related software, apply for an objective classification in a third party organization prior to publication. If the Companies that hold consoles choose arbitrarily, diversity and fairness in video games can be significantly inhibited. We provide parental control systems that can be used to apply limits. ” What do you think of this statement, what is your opinion on this topic?

We take this opportunity to inform readers that during the same financial meeting Nintendo has also expressed itself on other interesting topics. Among these, we can mention the possibility of guaranteeing the arrival of Nintendo 64 and GameCube games on Nintendo Switch and comment on rumors on Switch Mini, which, ever more widespread, would like the Kyoto House intending to market a new version of the own hybrid console…