Paranoid: The New Horror of the Authors of Agony Shows It in a Concerning Video


Having overcome the corporate vicissitudes caused by Agony’s problems, the Madmind studios are embarking on a new adventure in dark colors with Paranoid, a controversial project that promises to make thrilling and twists its strengths.

Set in the late 1980s inside a dilapidated house, Paranoid’s horror adventure will revolve around the figure of Patrick Calman, a boy forced to live with the emotional imbalances caused by his parents’ untimely death: the mournful event it will accentuate its claustrophobia and induce it to isolate itself completely from the world.

To further distort Patrick’s life, the mysterious request for help sent to him by telephone by his sister and the need, for our alter-ego, to confront the demons that torment him before the latter take over his life and threatens to think about it. to frustrate the efforts made by Patrick to rush to the aid of his beloved sister.

Among nightmares with open eyes, encounters with ghosts not particularly prone to dialogue and furious battles against rotting creatures, the game, and narrative scaffolding erected by the Polish authors of Madmind Studio will try to stand on the stereotypes of the genre of subjective horror adventures. The release of Paranoid is expected over the next few months: the project, just like with Agony, will initially be launched exclusively on Steam, only to be subsequently transferred to consoles (suppose PS4 and Xbox One) should the title meet the favor of the public.

In addition to the new, disturbing gameplay trailer that stands out at the beginning of the article, at the bottom of the news you will also find game images that outline the contours of Paranoid’s thrilling experience.