Pokemon Sword and Shield: Game Freak Discute of the New Dynamax Function

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On the occasion of the official presentation of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, a new feature for the Game Freak franchise was unveiled to the public for the first time.

The two new chapters of the famous videogame saga will include in fact a new mechanic, called Dynamax. The latter will allow coaches to temporarily turn their Pokemon into a “giant” version of themselves. Functionality can be used in battle, making our faithful companion particularly powerful. Furthermore, an interesting element, unlike previous mechanics, such as the Mega Evolutions, the Dynamax can be used on all the Pokemon present in the game and not only on some.

To underline the importance of this new element of gameplay is the same Game Freak, during an interview granted to the editorial staff of Kotaku during E3 2019. In particular, Shigeru Ohmori, game director for Pokemon Spada and Scudo, has declared about Dynamax: “We are very aware of not betraying the expectations of longtime fans. We see it as a way to make every Pokemon shine in battle. […] it is their time to be at the center of the attention, and we are balancing the combat system around that. ” Away, therefore, to make every creature in the game world even more important in the Pokemon universe.

What do you think of this new feature, does it intrigue you? We remind you that to investigate each element related to the gameplay of the two titles, you can refer to our proven Pokemon Sword and Shield and take a look at the rich gameplay session of Pokemon Sword and Shield shown to the public during E3 2019.