PS5: Sony Will Very Soon Date the Exit Date and the Price, According to WSJ

PS5: Backward Compatibility Is Essential for a Soft Transition

The latest interview granted to the Wall Street Journal by Sony CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, allowed the editorial staff of the prestigious New York newspaper to gather a wealth of information regarding PS5.

From the comparison with Google Stadia to support for indie titles and hardcore audiences with exclusive and great games, Sony’s boss has touched on more than one topic but has not been unbalanced on two fundamental aspects of the PS5 project, namely on the timing of marketing and on the price of the next-gen console of the Japanese technology giant.

According to information gathered by the person who interviewed Yoshida for WSJ, the well-known journalist Takashi Mochizuki, Sony’s top management could soon unveil the release and launch price of PS5. Although the result of the simple assumptions of the author that are not reflected in the statements of the CEO of Sony, the conclusions reached by WSJ are summarized by the phrase with which the reader is reminded that “analysts expect PlayStation 5 to be ready to be marketed during the 2020 holiday season, “in the same period as the launch of the Xbox Scarlett.

Regardless of the real reliability of these journalistic speculations, the official announcement of Project Scarlett by Microsoft during E3 2019 makes it increasingly probable that Sony will decide to “respond” with its own PS5 presentation event. Will the Gamescom 2019 media showcase, expected from August 21st to 24th in Cologne, could be the most suitable occasion for the announcement of the release date and the PS5 price? Or will we have to wait a long time, perhaps even up to E3 2020, before understanding how much it will cost and when Sony’s next-gen console will be available?