Rage 2: Bethesda Announces the Challenges to Face in the Month of July

Rage 2 Debuts in First Place in the UK and Is the New Leader of the English Ranking

After having left id Software and the Avalanche studios with the necessary media space to communicate the arrival of the RAGE 2 update with the restoration of the bandit camps, Bethesda publishes the list with the special challenges in which to participate in the endgame of their free shooter roaming during the month of July.

The first event organized for the explorers of the Devastated Zone of the post-apocalypse of RAGE 2, called the Ozone Caterpillar, is already active and will be until 11 July. The purpose of this challenge is quite simple and consists of facing the threat represented by a huge Sand Worm!

Given the dangerousness of being, to complete the enterprise we will have to face the worm during three specific phases: the first (28 June to 11 July) will ask us to remove the Worm from the game world, the second (from 2 to 4 July) will see us again face the beast to weaken it in view of the third and final phase (from 5 to 11 July) in which we will have to try to kill him. Completing each phase will ensure increasing rewards.

This is instead the summary of the other challenges that will take place in the shooter universe of RAGE 2 in July:

Challenge Repetition of the Devastated Zone (from 12 to 18 July): in this activity, we will be able to participate in the activities that characterized the weeks of the post-launch period of the game, all in order to obtain the new skin Last Melody for the assault rifle.

DOOM event (19 to 25 July): fireballs will rain from the sky! Goodwill Rangers will have to investigate the impact locations of these mysterious meteorites to find out what happens to EVIL. By completing this challenge you will get the DOOM skin of the shotgun.

Immortal a cabbage (26 July to 1 August): the Rangers will have to shoot down 1,000,000 Immortal Sudari before the latter manage to pre-empt the resources scattered around the Area devastated by meteorites from the DOOM event. Overcoming this challenge you will be entitled to the Deep Burn skin for the shotgun.