Square Enix: The Game Streaming Will Not Pick up the PC and Console Games Soon

Square Enix

Interviewed by GamesIndustry.biz, the managing director of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda, offered his point of view on the opportunities offered by the game streaming and on the concrete probabilities that the latter could have in supplanting the traditional videogame industry on PC and console.

Despite having recently expressed the intention of launching its own game streaming service in the near future, the boss of Square Enix takes the opportunity to return to the subject and declare that “for people who are passionate about video games who currently use PC and consoles, I think it is unlikely that these users will suddenly move to an environment based exclusively on cloud gaming”.

To emphasize the point and avoid any misunderstanding of any sort, Yosuke Matsuda explains that “if I say this it is because consoles and PCs can currently offer a very stable and beautiful game environment in which to have fun. For this reason, with the services in-game streaming that is about to be launched (like Google Stadia, ed) and with the lack of clarity on the gameplay experience that users will be able to get through them, I believe it is unlikely that these people will suddenly switch to cloud gaming “.

On the sidelines of E3 2019, Matsuda himself candidly admitted to having lost the code of the old games that wrote the company’s history. On the other hand, the leaders of Square Enix confirmed the development of Dragon Quest 12 on PS5 (and more generally on next-gen platforms) and of wanting to commit themselves in the future to carry out other remakes and remasters along the lines of the ambitious projects that will involve Final Fantasy 7 and FF8.