The New Images of Death Stranding Show the Protagonist While Sleeping!


In the whirlwind of a life spent shuttling between the settlements of a civilization on the verge of collapse, Sam Bridges will necessarily have to carve out a moment of tranquility during the Death Stranding adventure, or at least that’s what Hideo Kojima suggests with new game images.

After showing us those who, apparently, seem to be unpublished Death Stranding gadgets, the boss of Kojima Productions regains the pages of his official Twitter profile (or rather, of his two profiles in English and Japanese) to give us new ones black and white images captured from a workstation of his independent software house.

In these shots, the hero played by the actor Norman Reedus performs the same action, namely to take a nap in the middle of nature by using the equipment of his suit as a support: behind the apparent banality of this gesture could lie an important in-game function of Death Stranding, like that of recovering the strength and energy of our alter ego between one expedition and another.

To answer this and an infinite number of other questions about Hideo Kojima’s new sci-fi masterpiece, in all likelihood, we will have to wait at least until November 8th, that is, until the land of Death Stranding exclusively on PS4. Meanwhile, Giuseppe Arace tried to extricate himself from the tangle of hypotheses and doubts about Death Stranding through the analysis of the gameplay trailer offered to us by Metal Gear’s father.