The Witcher 3: The New Mod HD Reworked Video Releases the Date of Exit

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After a long development phase in which the most active members of The Witcher 3 modder scene collaborated, the gigantic project of HD Reworked, the Wild Hunt mod that promises to improve all the textures of the blockbuster fantasy of CD Projekt.

The 10.0 version of The Witcher 3: HD Reworked can be downloaded for free from the pages of NexusMods starting from Wednesday 17 July, as confirmed by the amateur developer at the head of this project, the modder known in the scene as Halk Hogan PL.

Wild Hunt’s HD Reworked version aims to improve and make more realistic every texture that maps the natural surfaces and architectural structures of the fantasy universe explored by Strigo. The interventions made by the team directed by Halk Hogan PL range from the replacement of normal maps to the reconstruction of foliage textures, all with the aim of increasing the resolution (and therefore the definition) of the original textures without impacting performance and, above all, without twist the look of the game.

The mission of the authors of the mod HD Reworked, in fact, is to remain faithful to the work done by CD Projekt, without moving away from their artistic vision. In its final version, the mod in question will be integrated with other amateur projects such as those that aim to improve combat animations and tree quality.