Elden Ring: The Gameplay Will Be Based on the Open World

Elden Ring: FromSoftware Illustrates the Similarities Between Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro

We now know very well that, unlike the classic From Software titles like Bloodborne and Dark Souls, Elden Ring will implement a generously sized map that can be freely explored even with the aid of amount.

In this regard, Hidetaka Miyazaki stated in a recent interview that the gameplay of the game, although very similar to what was seen in the three chapters of Dark Souls, will be sewn around the open world.

Here are the words of good Miyazaki:

“The cramped and complex dungeons of our previous titles were all interconnected, while Elden Ring will present much wider and more open environments. The vastness of the game world will shape the gameplay of Elden Ring, in fact, its mechanics have been created with that kind of setting in mind.”

Unfortunately, there are no specific details on what could be the novelties in terms of gameplay, but we are sure that the possibility of riding to speed up movements between one area and another is part of these.

Did you know that the developers said they were not interested in creating a linear experience for Elden Ring? Miyazaki also called Elden Ring an evolution of Dark Souls.