Fortnite: Wimbledon in the New Store Update


While the Wimbledon tennis tournament is about to get underway, Fortnite pays tribute by inserting a theme skin, with the classic white dress required as usual to play on the famous lawn. But it is obviously not the only addition: let’s see all the news today together.

In addition to the Match Point skin, therefore, there is on sale the legendary Leviathan, from 2000 V-Bucks, and the Heist, which instead of V-Bucks costs 1200. Among the other available objects, we find the glider Planetary Probe and Global Ax picks and Squid Striker.

As for the Daily Sales instead, we find for sale two other skins: Versa and First Strike Specialist, epic and rare respectively, the Disco Fever and Living Large emotes, the Studded Ax pickaxe and the Infernal cover.

Have you already decided how to spend your V-Bucks?