GTA 6: Lords of Drugs, South America and the Narcos Series Among Sources of Inspiration


It has been a long time since many rumors have been chasing the possible sixth chapter of the Grand Theft Auto series, some of which would even like the first trailer for GTA 6 coming in 2019. It is therefore not surprising that within the ever-active ResetEra community you will a large number of rumors about the Rockstar title are made wide, which touch on various aspects of the expected production.

Among these, the narrative element: the rumor indicates as a protagonist an aspiring drug lord, corresponding to the name of Ricardo. In the early stages of the adventure, we will play the role of “simple soldier” within the criminal sector, acting primarily as a drug courier in charge of transporting quantities of cocaine from Vice City to a wider area of ​​South America.

Over time, the bonds intertwined with other crime lords will open the way to rise to power. Finally, it seems that in the context of the GTA affairs, a character named “Kasey” will also be central, but on which, however, no particular details are offered. A rather peculiar element, it is mentioned among the main sources of inspiration, the Netflix Narcos series.

But there’s more: according to rumor GTA 6 will include the return of a familiar face to fans of the series. In particular, we should be able to meet Martin Madrazo, flanked by his father, a great drug boss. For the latter, we may even carry out some missions. The construction of our criminal empire would include mechanics similar to those seen in the streets of Vice City, but with decidedly and considerably amplified proportions. The rumor cites among the locations present in GTA 6 multiple cities, with an important role also played by a gigantic prison.

Finally, it refers to the presence of a large amount of text in the form of subtitles, explained by a comparison with what was seen in Max Payne 3. This, also by virtue of the fact that the characters will speak their native language: for example, in the South American area we will hardly hear you speak in English. A final warning accompanies the full-bodied rumor, which specifies how the game is still in a pre-alpha phase, as it is expected exclusively on next-gen consoles. By virtue of this, the names and locations indicated may undergo changes.

In short, a large set of rumors, in which other alleged details on GTA 6 are also included. As usual, we would like to remind you that we are talking about rumors and rumors, which in no way constitute official information. To find out if what is reported has a truth fund, we can’t do anything but wait for Rockstar to confirm it.