GTA 6: Setting in the 70’s and 80’s and Exit Only on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett?


In the morning new rumors emerged on GTA 6, the highly anticipated new incarnation of the series made in Rockstar Games. The source of this information is a leak started on Reddit, and among the first information, we read that the beginning of the development of the game dates back to 2012.

The source talks about information obtained from people close to Kotaku and PC Gamer environments, confirmed by a friend who would work for Rockstar; he would neither confirm nor deny the rumors, a behavior that the same source has interpreted as an implicit confirmation.

As mentioned, take all the details below for what they are: unconfirmed rumors.
GTA VI would be in development or pre-production from 2012, a year before the launch of GTA 5, but the actual production would begin in mid-2015. It should be a Rockstar Worldwide Production production, not just one or two studios, from the code name Project Americas.

GTA 6 could be set between Vice City and a new fictitious location inspired by Rio de Janeiro, while some linear missions (so not open world) are said to be set in Liberty City. There is even talk of Cuba, but even this is not confirmed.

The gameplay would be somewhere between realism and the arcade approach (unrealistic like Red Dead Redemption 2), with only one male protagonist throughout the game (and not 3 as GTA V). No female protagonist in GTA 6, therefore, as some noises initially indicated.

The setting would be at the turn of the 70s and 80s, and the protagonist should be a drug trafficker named Ricardo who will attempt to rise to power. We will then start as a courier and smuggler, to then establish bigger connections and therefore other types of tasks. The game also speaks of the presence of a rather large prison, which should play an important role in history.

Still, according to what has been leaked, GTA 6 should be divided into chapters, such as Tarantino’s films or the same Red Dead Redemption 2, and the climate would play an important role: we talk about hurricanes, storms and so on. Buildings should change shape over time, as well as vehicles, so “classic” cars will become more expensive over time.

The soundtrack, in the intentions of Rockstar, should have very classic tracks from the 70s / 80s, but this is also not certain, probably due to rights issues.

Also interesting is the fact that apparently, you can bring with you a limited number of weapons; according to the source the vehicle system will be similar to that of the horses in Red Dead Redemption 2: our personal car will contain our equipment stored in the hood.

Naturally, it seems that there are many lines of dialogue, since storytelling will be of fundamental importance, as Rockstar has accustomed us in the past, and there is the talk of a change of language depending on the country in which the character will be found.

According to the leaked, GTA 6 will be released only on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett: it will therefore only be available on next-gen consoles, and Rockstar Games is focused solely on this and another title, which presumably will be Bully 2.

In short, there is so much material for dreaming, but the word now passes to you. What do you think of these new rumors?