Metal Wolf Chaos XD: The Release Date Announcement Will Soon Come From Devolver Digital!

Metal Wolf Chaos XD

Metal Wolf Chaos XD is preparing to enter the gaming market, making a revised version of the game From Software available to Western players.

Thanks to a collaboration between the two software houses and the support of the General Arcade team, the title originally published in 2004 will be able to debut on current generation platforms, in a revised and improved version. The project, announced during E3 2018, is currently lacking a precise publication date, but it seems that the gamers who are waiting for it could very soon have a pleasant surprise.

As you can verify at the bottom of this news, Devolver Digital has published an interesting teaser via its official Twitter account. In fact, the publisher’s twitter advises us as follows: “Add Metal Wolf Chaos to the wishlist on Steam because news on the release date will arrive this week !”. Waiting is, therefore, coming to an end: in a few days, gamers will know when they can play the title: are you waiting for it?

We take the opportunity to remind you that Metal Wolf Chaos XD is expected on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. From Software has recently provided some comments on the future of the Metal Wolf Chaos series, also releasing interesting evaluations on further remastered.