New Rumors on Sony: In View of PS5 the Giant AIMS to Acquire New Studies?

PS5: When Will the Sony Next-Gen Console Be Announced?

The Japanese newspaper Nihon Keizai Shinbub, published online excerpts from an interview with Sony CEO, Jim Ryan, that the company is thinking of acquiring new studies ahead of the PS5 launch.

According to Ryan in fact, “The contents have become more important than ever”, and therefore it seems that Sony wants to ensure new talents to endow PlayStation 5 immediately with an enviable stock.

In truth, there has been talking for some time of the fact that Sony is about to acquire new studies, but the decision seems to have been born after the entry into the field of Google, which with Stadia aims to become one of the reference names for modern gaming. Ryan welcomed their decision, but recalled Sony’s 25 years of experience in the sector, and warned that for new competitors it will be difficult to start in a good position right now with regards to exclusives, for example.

In the same interview, Sony’s CEO says he is confident that profit margins will continue to increase in the future, despite each generational change inevitably leading to losses due to development costs. Finally, according to Ryan, the transition to cloud gaming will take some time, which is why the company is still focusing on the console business.