Skelobowser Is the New Character of Mario Tennis Aces


One year after the release of the game, new characters continue to arrive in Mario Tennis Aces, given the introduction of Skelobowser. It is, as you can guess from the name, the skeletal version of Bowser, which will be available this month in the roster of the game.

It will be the sixteenth added character and was introduced with a trailer that you can see at the beginning of the news. Like previous players, to unlock Skelobowser (Dry Bowser in the original language), it will be enough to play this month’s online tournament.

However, if you are not an online player, or do not have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, don’t worry: you just have to wait a little longer, as Skelobowser will then be added for free in August.

The last character added to the game’s roster was Pianta Piranha Bonfire, which arrived just last month. It is not clear at the moment whether Skelobowser will be the latest addition, or if Nintendo’s support will continue.