What Will Be Death Stranding? for Troy Baker, “Something Completely New”

Death Stranding for PS4: Hideo Kojima Reveals Details About Dubbing and Subtitles

The comments released by the cast of actors do not slow down part of the new project by Hideo Kojima, the awaited Death Stranding, arriving exclusively on PlayStation 4 at the end of the year.

This time around, Troy Baker, who according to the first gameplay trailer of Death Standing, will play the role of the now somewhat mysterious character of Higgs, to tell his story about the project. As often happens, the chosen means of communication is that of social media, in this case, Instagram. The ever-attentive Reddit community has, in fact, spotted a comment by the actor to a post published by another well-known face associated with the Kojima Productions project: Norman Reedus.

As you can see at the bottom of this news thanks to the post shared by the Redditer , Troy Baker has in fact intervened in the large number of comments generated under the post to reply to an Instagram user who, perhaps astonished by the important cast involved in the project, wondered : “… this is a movie or a video game? !!”. Troy Baker’s answer could only be sibylline: the actor declared: “This is a completely NEW thing … “.

In short, the aura of mystery that characterizes the game seems destined to remain for some time, even if on the occasion of the announcement of the release date, Sony and Kojima Productions have actually spread interesting details on the Death Stranding gameplay. In light of what has been known so far, what do you expect from the game?

Troy Baker on wherever Death Stranding is a movie or game. from DeathStranding