A New Trailer Introduces the Dr. Mario World Multiplayer

Dr. Mario World Is Released in July on Iphone and Android!

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Dr. Mario World, a title that marks the return of this popular franchise after a few years of absence from the screens. The video focuses on the multiplayer segment, which will allow two players to compete in a battle against the latest virus!

Dr. Mario World will be released on July 10th on iOS and Android, downloadable for free from the App Store and Google Play with support for in-app purchases, pre-registering you will be immediately notified as soon as the game is available for download.

Use your wits to eliminate viruses

Eliminate viruses by combining them with capsules! To do this, align three pieces of the same color horizontally or vertically. Take the time you need, because each level has a limited amount of capsules that you can use.

Eliminate those ugly viruses with Dr. Mario and his friends

The world of Dr. Mario is in a panic due to a colorful invasion of viruses! Dr. Mario and his friends promptly wear the gown and arm themselves with capsules! Now they are ready to eradicate those pestiferous viruses. Hundreds of levels await you in a lot of different worlds. Furthermore, new worlds will be added at regular intervals.

Play with your friends and family around the world

Medicine is a team effort! Send and receive hearts for use in Adventure mode, then show off your wits in solving puzzles! In Duel mode, you will challenge other players in one-on-one battles!