Apex Legends Welcomes Wattson: Details on the Season 2 Electricity Paladin

Apex Legends Season 2

The Apex Legends approach to Season 2 continues: after presenting the new Classified Mode and the Battle Pass Challenges, here are all the details on Wattson!

The new Legend, whose real full name is actually Natalie Paquette, was renamed by the Respawn team as the “Electricity Paladin”, whose motto is “Energy is everything”. On the eve of his entrance into the battle royale arena, the software house describes the background and features of this new character.

Following in the footsteps of her father, head of the Apex Games, she studied for a long time to become a very talented engineer, so much so that she was responsible for the design of the containment ring of Apex Games. Unfortunately, precisely on the day of the inauguration of the structure, the paternal figure, who had been a great inspiration to her, was missing from her. Now, at only 22, Wattson has decided to join the fray and find a new home inside the Apex Legends arena!

In terms of gameplay, the character has several interesting skills:

  • Defense Perimeter: its tactical ability allows it to create real electric barriers, through which to slow down and weaken opponents;
  • Lampo di Genio: a passive skill thanks to which “the Ultimate accelerators recharge the ultimate skill 100%”. Moreover, by approaching the interception pylons it is possible to recharge the tactical ability more quickly;
  • Intercept Trellis: it is its devastating ultimate ability, thanks to which it can place an intercepting pylon through which to destroy explosives and repair damaged shields, for a maximum of three.

What do you think of this new character, are you curious to try it?