COD World League: Los Angeles to Optic, Minnesota to Wise Ventures

COD World League:

Twenty-five million dollars. This is what Immortals Gaming and WISE Ventures paid out to buy the two slots of the future Call of Duty World League, a competition that from 2020 will go to the franchise model without promotions or relegations.

The Immortals Gaming had recently completed a financial transaction for a total value of approximately $100 million which includes the acquisition from Infinite Esports of the entire package held by OpTic Gaming, including debts and payments still to be made.

Thanks to this operation the Immortals will return as a brand on the League of Legends from the Spring Split 2020, while they are already present in the Overwatch League with the Los Angeles Valiant (remember that Activision would offer the new slots pre-emption to the existing franchises) and on CS: GO with MIBR, historical name of Brazilian eSport.

Next year they will also be present on Call of Duty in the Los Angeles franchise while retaining the OpTic brand, one of the most popular and appreciated of the competitive scene. The presence of WISE Ventures represents an absolute novelty. Not only is the Manhattan investment fund the only one of the seven franchises announced so far not to already have a team in the Overwatch League, but it is their absolute debut in the eSport world.

Jonathan Wilf, spokesman for the WISE Ventures, on the purchase of the Minnesota slot said: “eSport and competitive gaming have clearly emerged as a powerful force in the sports and entertainment industry. We have already explored several opportunities in the past to make our entry and we believe that the new Call of Duty World League is the best way to succeed in the long run.

Los Angeles and Minnesota are thus added to the five previous cities already revealed: Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Paris, and Toronto.