Code Vein’s New Video Diary Focuses on Secondary Characters

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Hiroshi Yoshimura and the God Eater Team he directed tell us about the secondary characters of Code Vein, making a video diary of particularly rich development of information and unpublished game scenes.

Structured with the formula of an interview with the developers, the new Code Vein trailer published by Bandai Namco allows Japanese authors to explain to us what interventions they have done to build a narrative and gameplay framework that will make secondary characters a fundamental component of the title.

Thanks to the adoption of a particularly evolved artificial intelligence, Yoshimura indeed promises to give us experience so profound as to make the bond between our alter ego and its companions in adventure practically indissoluble. The impression we will have, consequently, will be to be “accompanied” by NPCs that will behave naturally, reacting dynamically to the stimuli offered by the environment and to the actions performed by our alter-ego.

Before leaving you in the company of Code Vein’s new video development diary, we remind you that Bandai Namco’s ambitious roleplaying action will be available in Italy starting September 27 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.