Fortnite: The Location of the Fortbyte 75 Located in the Hangar of an Airport

Fortbyte 75

Our hunt for Fortbyte continues on Fortnite Island Battle Royale (Season 9). In this mini-guide, in particular, we will show you the exact location of the Fortbyte # 75 located in the hangar of a Polar Runway airport.

Where to find the Fortbyte # 75 located in an airport hangar

The Fortbyte # 75 is located at Hangar of an Airport, inside the hangar we highlighted with a red circle on the map shown at the bottom of the page. The chip is located in the northeast corner of the hangar and is just waiting to be picked up by the player.

All you have to do to get the Fortbyte # 75, then, is to land near Polar Tracks, enter the hangar, reach the chip position and interact with it to collect it. If you need a visual reference to find the chip more easily, just look at the video proposed in the opening.

How is your hunt for Fortbyte spread throughout the Battle Royale Island?