In Addition to Mini Switch 2, Could Nintendo Also Launch Switch Pro?

In Addition to Mini Switch 2, Could Nintendo Also Launch Switch Pro?

Yesterday the Nintendo Switch Mini topic was held high, thanks to the image of a cover produced by Bigben that seems to show the new design of the console, effectively confirming its existence. What if the “new Nintendo console” actually hid … two consoles?

The German site WinFuture (the same one that unveiled the PlayStation 5 benchmarks related to the new Gonzalo SoC) assumes that the Kyoto company may actually be working on two new versions of Switch, the speculation stems from the name on the packaging of the case, or “Switch Mini 2” … what does that elusive two refer to? For the second version of Nintendo Switch or a “Mini” version of the elusive Switch 2, not yet announced?

Difficult to know more at the moment, it is certain that the name “Mini Switch 2” could be generic and used in the absence of any rights to exploit the brands, as is usually the case for covers and accessories for smartphones and tablets made by third-party manufacturers, where not it is rare to come across names like iPhone 2019 or iPhone MAX 2019 instead of the official names of the models.

At the moment everything is silent, Nintendo has simply confirmed that the company is constantly developing new hardware without announcing absolutely nothing about Switch Mini and Switch PRO.

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