Japanese Police Are Using Street Fighter to Recruit Agents


The new Japanese police recruitment campaign has aroused a certain curiosity, especially in gamers. Indeed, it seems that the Osaka Prefecture Police are using Street Fighter characters as testimonials to try to recruit new agents to fight crime on the internet.

Capcom has actually already worked with the Osaka police and other law enforcement agencies on some crime prevention campaigns, but this year for the first time the authorization to use Street Fighter characters was explicitly requested.

And so 3,000 flyers and 1000 posters will be posted in police stations, train stations and other public places starting today, 2 July. The software house said: “Chosen for the powerful image of the brand, its popularity with people of all ages and the affinity that exports have with cyberspace, the characters will appear in recruitment campaigns with the aim of replenishing the number of cybercrime investigators, a field that has seen a considerable increase in the number of accidents in recent years “.

One of the popular posters portrays Ryu and Chun Li, who was also an Interpol agent, and you can see at the bottom of the news.