Man Arrested in Japan for Selling Modified and Counterfeit Pokemon Games

Pokémon International Championships

A 30-year-old Japanese man was arrested in Japan by Niigata prefecture police, accused of counterfeiting and unfair competition. The reason? The young man was found in possession of modified ROMs of various Pokemon games that he resold with the purpose of making an economic profit.

Specifically, we talk about ” modified versions of two Pokemon games for Nintendo 3DS “, a work that would have earned the author 10,000 yen, about 81 euros at current exchange rates. The man was then arrested and tried, sentenced to pay a fine of 300,000 yen, 2,400 euros at the exchange rate.

The news caused quite a stir, in fact, it is the first ever arrest in Japan related to software piracy and video game modification, a problem that has never particularly affected the country, remaining confined to other parts of Asia such as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In the West, instead, in the last few hours a fan-made remake of Pokemon Rosso Fuoco has risen to headlines, we’ll see if Nintendo will act to block it has happened in the case of Mario Royale.