Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4: Two Free Costumes Arrive From Spider-Man Far From Home

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4

The Twitter PlayStation Japan profile has unveiled the arrival of two new free costumes for Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4, both inspired by the outfits of Spider-Man Far From Home, the new Spider-Man movie coming to Italy on July 10th.

The DLC will include the Upgrade Suit and Stealth Suit costumes , the launch seems to be scheduled for today in Japan and North America (simultaneously with the release of the film in cinemas) while there is no definite news regarding the launch in Europe, that could happen this afternoon or at the latest by the end of the week. With these two new outfits, the Marvel’s Spider-Man MCU costumes rise to five: Spider-Man MCU, Peter DIY, Iron Spider, Upgrade and Stealth.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of the best-selling games of 2018 with over ten million copies distributed , there has long been talking of a possible sequel to PlayStation 5, the Insomniac game has also been used as a test to assess the speed of the PS5 SSD drive, at the moment, however, Sony has not expressed its opinion regarding the arrival of the game (or de continuation) on its next home console.