Mordhau: Sexism, Homophobia and Racism in the Community, Developers Do Not Intervene

Mordhau The Medieval Title Has Already Sold 500,000 Copies on Steam

Problems for Mordhau, currently one of the most popular video games on PC, born as a fan-made a project and then became a complete game of enormous success, with millions of copies sold and a very active community.

However, the members of the community ended up in the eye of the storm because of the excessive freedom they were granted on official channels. As reported by PCGamer, the forum of the game would be full of topics with homophobic, sexist and racist insults, among which the topic ” Post Your Kniggas “, widely tolerated, is carried out despite containing racist insults and homophobic expressions of any kind.

The situation does not improve in chat, this is also full of messages of insults of all kinds, published without any kind of moderation. The Mordhau Discord channel accepts users with avatars and nicknames that are discriminatory or praising violence and the fact that moderation is completely absent is creating many problems for players who only wish to be a player, avoiding being in unpleasant situations.

The developers, as mentioned, did not express themselves in this regard and the community seems to be left to fend for itself, dominated by “toxic” users who lord it without punishment of any kind.