Red Dead Online and GTA Online: Free Items for Twitch Prime Subscribers

Red Dead Online Welcomes the Sport of the Kings, a New Way of Surrendering Accounts

Amazon and Rockstar meet as part of an interesting promotion offered to gamers subscribing to the Twitch Prime service: here are all the details.

Users will especially redeem some items of Red Dead and GTA Online Online in a completely free. The necessary requirements to access this interesting initiative are an active registration to Twitch Prime and to be in possession of a Rockstar Games Social Club account. The latter satisfied, users will be able to unlock various in-game content, a useful list of which is provided below.

As for Red Dead Online, the partnership will allow you to have access to:

  • $ 300 RDO;
  • A Lingotti d’Oro bonus for the purchase of Lingotti d’Oro;
  • A Superior Ammo Bundle, consisting of 30 Dynamite Arrows, 60 Incendiary Buckshot Ammo, 30 Volatile Fire Bottles and 200 Express Ammo for Pistol, Revolver, Repeater, and Rifle;

Active players in GTA Online will be able to obtain:

  • $ 1,250,000 GTA;
  • A bonus of GTA dollars for purchases of Shark Cash Cards;

A definitely interesting offer for players subscribing to the Twitch Prime service! For all players interested in the universe of Rockstar Games, we also take advantage of the opportunity to report to you a large number of rumors related to the characteristics of GTA 6 and the development of Bully 2 that emerged during the day of Monday 1 July.