Shenmue 3 Exclusive Epic Store: Ys Net and Deep Silver Illustrate the Reimbursement Plans


With an update published on the pages of the fundraising campaign on Shenmue 3’s Kickstarter, the top managers of Ys Net report having found a solution for Shenmue 3 bakers who have expressed a willingness to obtain a refund after the announcement of the exclusive Epic Store.

The representatives of the Japanese development company, in concert with Deep Silver , explain that “as regards the recently announced exclusive on Epic Games Store, all the interested parties are analyzing the issue with the utmost concern, but we would like to clarify the circumstances of the issue that led us to make this decision and then offer a series of compensatory options later “ .

“At the beginning we decided to launch a survey to distribute the game via Steam”, comment the authors of Ys Net before adding that “however, afterwards we partnered with Epic Games for a number of reasons: Deep Silver contributed to expand the game and make it what it is now, it did not help us only with the marketing side Epic Games was also with us from the beginning of the project and, after having adopted the Unreal Engine 4, where they have actively supported the entire development process We have tried to study a way to guarantee Kickstarter bakers a digital code for Steam from the day of launch, but unfortunately we have not been able to follow this path. We are very sorry”.

Having made this necessary clarification, Ys Net and Deep Silver announce that those who have supported the fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to unlock the reward that included the digital code on Steam, will be able to receive a physical copy of the game in exchange at their own discretion on PC plus a code to download another copy on Epic Games Store, the retail version on PS4 or a digital delivery code for the PC or PlayStation 4 version.

However, if you decide to receive a digital or physical PC copy of Shenmue 3 in return, you will have to wait a year before obtaining a valid code to download the game on Steam. As for the timing of repayments and the methods for crediting the amount invested by the bakers are still being defined and will be announced in the future.