The Author of Celeste Has Created Some Levels for Super Mario Maker 2, Here’s How to Download Them

Super Mario Maker 2

Matt Thorson, the author of the acclaimed Celeste indie, created some levels of Super Mario Maker 2 and decided to share them with the community by publishing the level codes on his Twitter profile.

Interested parties can add the creator code JVY-3W4-11H or directly use the following codes to download the individual levels:

  • Banzai Bounce: Q43-GXB-WHG
  • Starlight Shells: PHP-GYT-VJG
  • Shrine of the Sacred Stiletto: 5YG-7DN-PGG
  • Desert of Despair: H8K-3B9-WDG

Let us know if you have already tried them or if you are interested in downloading them, we advise you to discover them as soon as possible, after all, there is always something to learn from levels created by a professional developer, don’t you agree? Yesterday we also saw how a young 14-year-old recreated Super Mario Maker 2 on PS4 using the LittleBigPlanet 3 editor, really well done!

Super Mario Maker 2 is now available on Switch, the game has been quite successful at launch becoming the best-selling Nintendo game of 2019 in the UK to date.