Baldur’s Gate 3: Multiplayer Will Be the Evolution of What We Have Seen in Divinity Original Sin

Larian on Baldur's Gate 3:

With Divinity Original Sin 2, first released on PC in 2017 and then the following year on PS4 and Xbox One consoles, the guys at Larian Studios have definitely established themselves as one of the best development teams for games on the current gaming scene.

Larian is currently involved, in addition to the creation of the spin-off Divinity: Fallen Heroes, on the rebirth of the Baldur’s Gate series, whose third, the unexpected chapter was officially announced during the last presentation of Google Stadia.

In a recent interview, the developers focused on the multiplayer sector that the title will include in it and which, according to the authors’ words, will represent an evolution of the structure already present in Divinity Original Sin 2 :

“The multiplayer will evolve thanks to what we learned from Original Sin 2. We will focus a lot on the party, as in Original Sin, but everything will be improved. I believe that the multiplayer is one of the aspects that we did not achieve as well as we could in Original Sin. So it’s something we’d like to evolve. 

Pending further details on the title, we remind you that Baldur’s Gate 3 is expected on PC and Google Stadia, but at the moment we do not yet have a launch window (in this regard, the developers have already made it clear that the game, very simply, will come out when it’s ready).