Cuphead: The DLC Postponed to 2020 to Avoid Crunch Time and Ensure the Best Quality

Cuphead the Delicious

If you are one of the many Cuphead fans, you have by now sadly learned of the postponement of The Last Delicious Course ‘s launch window , the DLC with which Studio MDHR’s run ‘n’ gun will be enriched with a new island to explore, new fearsome bosses and even a new playable character that will join Cuphead and Mugman.


The developers wanted to explain the reasons that led the studio to give up launching the expansion in 2019, and then wait for next year. At the base of this choice there are two main reasons: wanting to avoid triggering the so-called crunch time, thus maintaining a healthy development environment, and the desire to ensure the best possible quality for players who are anxiously awaiting additional content.

“Although we initially announced a release for 2019 for The Delicious Last Course, our main priority is that this new adventure respects the meticulous level of quality we always aim for. We want to make sure that the next adventure is integrated into the world of Cuphead is full of pleasant moments and surprise for the players.

Furthermore, the development of the main game has taught us many things about the importance of working in an environment that is as healthy and sustainable as possible for our team. It was not an easy decision to make, but we are sure that everything will make an overall better experience possible “.

Cuphead is now available on Windows 10, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch PCs, with the expansion The Delicious Last Course (which a historical Disney animator is working on ) that will arrive on all platforms during 2020.