Destiny 2: How to Get Lumina, a Quest for a Bane Gift Quest

Destiny 2 Lumina

Finally, Destiny 2 players can dedicate themselves to the exotic quest of Lumina. In this mini-guide, we explain to you how to complete it step by step, so as to get the Lumina as a reward, a particular exotic portable cannon able to cure teammates.

Below we describe all the steps to complete the quest and get the exotic Lumina portable cannon as a reward.

Step 1: Return to the European Dead Zone

To start the quest you will have to go back to where you found the Spike for the first time. So land on the European Dead Zone, reach the Salt Mines, enter the Fallen teleporter, walk up the slope and enter the crack of the wall to reach the base camp where you found the Aculeus. At this point, all you have to do is open the case by the start of the Lumina quest.

Step 2: Find and open the container with the roses

Inside the case where you found the quest for the Lumina, you will also find a tracking device. You will need to use it to find a container decorated with roses. The point where the container is located will change over the hours, so all you have to do is track it using the clues from the tracking device. Once done, open the container to continue the quest.

Step 3: Generate 250 balls of light

The third step of the quest requires generating 250 spheres of light. To do it as quickly as possible, we recommend that you do it in the company of a team, in an activity that contains many enemies such as the Blind Well or the first steps of the Mars protocol. To maximize the number of spheres of light generated, do not forget to eliminate enemies with super and prodigious weapons. Once this step is finished you will get the Rosa, the legendary version of the Lumina.

Step 4: Upgrade the Rose

After obtaining the Rose, the next step requires strengthening it by completing three companies. The first company requires the completion of a Cala la Notte any time obtaining a result of at least 50,000 points (you should start a Cala la Notte from 100,000 points directly). The second requires 35 clashes between Protocol on Mars, Blind Well on the Dreamy City, or the Armory Forges (which seemed to us to be the fastest to complete). Finally, the third company requires killing 100 enemies without reloading the weapon, a goal that is simple enough to complete.

Step 5: Use the Rose

Once you have completed the three Step 4 businesses, all you have to do is use the Rose in any Destiny 2 activity. To speed up the process, if possible, we recommend playing as a group together with other players in possession of the Rose (in this way the percentage of completion will go up faster).

Step 6: Unity is a strength

Talk to Lord Shaxx to get the sixth phase of this. To complete it, you will need to complete the following businesses:

Kill the Guardians
The first task requires that the Guardians in the Crucible be eliminated with a coup de grace inflicted with a portable cannon. If you perform the coup de grace you will increase the target completion percentage by 5%. Each coup de grace inflicted by a teammate, on the other hand, will increase it by 1%.

Kill an invader before you eliminate a teammate.
This goal requires you to eliminate an opposing invader in Gambling mode before the latter manages to kill one of your teammates. You must be the one to eliminate the invader with a coup de grace. The easiest way to do this is to keep the super and the heavy ammunition for the invader, so you can use them against him.

Generate 50 spheres of light
By playing the gambling mode you will be able to generate a good amount of light balls. If you are not yet fifty, you can start any activity that contains a large number of enemies, such as the Cala la Notte or the Protocol on Mars.

Phase 7: Will of the Thousand

The last phase of the quest requires completing the Will of the Thousand(the normal version of the assault) assault, destroying at least 11 crystals with the Rose. The crystals are scattered in the various locations of the assault, and you will have to smash them by shooting them with the Rose. After doing so, all you have to do is defeat the final boss to finally drop the exotic Lumina portable cannon. If you need help finding the position of the crystals, you can watch the video at the bottom.